Snow Plowing

Service Area: Coeur D'Alene (CDA), Rathdrum, Hayden, Post Falls, Athol, Spirit Lake

Professional snow plowing, snow removal, and ice prevention; new snow removal equipment and the latest in sanding and de-ice melting technology.

From standard truck mounted plows to heavy snow accumulation, clearing, and hauling. We have the equipment and personnel to get the job done. Our customers like the fact we also provide deicing and sanding service when we plow if needed.

Snow Plowing - We can use truck mounted plows or a dozer to move snow and ice off of roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Snow Hauling - We can load and haul away snow as needed to remove accumulated snow via dump truck.

Snow Piling - We can use different equipment depending on your situation (plows, skid steers, or loaders) onsite to pile accumulated snow.

De-icing - We can apply deicing fluid to melt and/or prevent ice on roads, driveways, parking lots, and walkways.

Sanding -  We can apply sand to roads, driveways, and parking lots to accelerate ice melt and aid in traction.

V-Plow and De-icer.jpg