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Grading and Excavation Contractor

Service Area: Coeur D'Alene (CDA), Rathdrum, Hayden, Post Falls, Athol, Spirit Lake

We provide a large range of services for Grading and Excavation work of new home construction, property development, land clearing and preparation, and much more. Scrape the ground to level the construction area; grade for proper water runoff away from buildings roads, driveways, etc. We have been operating heavy equipment professionally for many years. Contact us to see if we can help you move your project forward.

Land Clearing - As a land clearing contractor we do tree removal, brush removal, remove rocks, remove topsoil, etc from your construction site as . We operate our own heavy equipment and can haul away, bury, or burn materials as needed.

Site Preparation Leveling - We will ensure everything is right with a Laser level when site grading for new construction. We will remove and replace materials as needed or specified by your requirements so that new construction can start.

Road and Driveway Construction - We have a great deal of experience installing new driveways, replacing existing driveways. As an experienced grading contractor we will cut, grade, laser level, fill, and compact as appropriate for your road construction, long driveway, or access road. Excavate and grade to provide correct slope and drainage using culverts and diversion techniques for proper run-off.

Back-fill - Add appropriate material around foundation or retaining walls to allow for proper slope and drainage. Compact to reduce settling around foundation, footings, slabs, retaining walls, etc.

Compaction - We will compact material with a plate or roller to reduce settling around foundations, footings, slabs, retaining walls, etc.

Demolition - We can tear down old buildings and haul away the debris.

Swimming Pool - We can excavate for a new swimming pool or spa, or remove or fill-in and compact existing swimming pool or spa.

Manufactured Home Preparation

Finished Mountain Pad
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