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Road Building

Service Area: Coeur D'Alene (CDA), Rathdrum, Hayden, Post Falls, Athol, Spirit Lake

We provide a large range of services for Road Building.  These services can range from small subdivisions, to private roads, or long driveways. We can cut a new road in or re-grade and surface an existing road. We will account for drainage, erosion in our projects, as we know you want our road to last a very long time.

A good private road provides an initial impression to your property, but is also a lifeline in emergencies and bad weather. You need to consider soil conditions, run-off and drainage flows, room for snow removal in the winter, and grading the road with a safe slope. We can plan and deliver on all of these by suggesting the best route for the road, incorporating culverts drainage ditches, correct base and top material for your road. We can remove the trees, brush, and soil (if necessary) to cut in and build a solid private road. All roads require some amount of maintenance and depending on the materials you choose (gravel, chip-seal, asphalt) those costs will vary. We are happy to provide you alternatives and things to consider based on your location and budget.​ 


When choosing the materials for your road consider how much use it will get and at what time of year. If it is only a summer get-away, a simpler gravel road may be fine. If it is a shared private road with multiple year round residents a more substantial base and top coat are appropriate. How much snow do you get and how frequently will it be plowed. Gravel roads loose a little gravel each winter that is caught up in the snow when plowed. Are there frequent heavy trucks that use the road, if so then a more robust base is needed to prevent potholes and severe wash boarding.

Road construction with drainage control
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