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Retaining Walls

Service Area: Coeur D'Alene (CDA), Rathdrum, Hayden, Post Falls, Athol, Spirit Lake

Natural Stone Walls

We can cut and grade your site for a new retaining wall as well as construct, compact and backfill for retaining walls that need elevation or stability. 

We can install or build retaining walls to hold back soil or create a terraced parking or sitting area (stone retaining walls, Verti-Block™, concrete block walls, precast concrete panels, ecology blocks, and sea walls).

Depending on your topology and location your retaining wall may need a French drain and or erosion control. If your seasonal rain or snow fall is very high then additional drainage areas may also be needed. Please give us a call and we can take a look and make suggestions and provide a bid.

Stone Wall Pic

Verti-Block™ Walls

We are an authorized Verti-Block™ installer having installed in easy access and limited space simple and more complex locations a steep building sites. Verti-Block™ creates reliable, sturdy, and attractive retaining walls for terracing, soil control, and building footing construction. Traditional poured concrete, stacked block walls may be fine, but in some situations you need better drainage. Verti-Block™ walls are ideal for any size retaining wall that requires excellent drainage. The Verti-Block™ construction provides interlocking blocks that provide durability, structural integrity, and look great.

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